Youth party condemns harassment suit against youth critic

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Kabataan Partylist condemns the filing by Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go of a cybercrime complaint against a college student who allegedly shared a post critical of the lawmaker.

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The specific details is yet to be public but the law and jurisprudence are clear that a public office is a public trust created in the interest and for the benefit of the people. Public officers are subject to the highest standards of accountability and service. They are subject to constructive criticism by the public which is covered by the people’s right to informed opinion and to freedom of expression.

Public officials should not be too onion-skinned and immediately play victim when legitimate grievances are immediately directed towards them.

The complaint is nothing but a harassment suit intended to force ordinary citizens into silence amid the worsening pandemic and political situation in the country. It is as if Pro-Admim forces are currently hounding social media posts critical of them, putting a target in the back of all those posting valid criticisms to these officials.

This filing by Senator Go may set a precedent of what public officials are capable of doing especially in the current political landscape where the handling of COVID-19 is mishandled while the implementation of anti-people and anti-poor programs and policies such as the Anti-Terrorism Law or the denail of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal are top government priorities. This may even really be a preview of how Duterte and his cohorts will use the Ant-Terrorism Act of 2020 against the people, especially critics, to silent dissent.

Kabataan Partylist calls for the withdrawal of the said complaint, and on the youth and the general public to not cower in seeking accountability from the government.

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