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In today’s committee, The following house bills were deliberated. House bills HB 307, HB 3072, Hb 4948 , HB 4226 and HR 1075 .

The closure of Lumad was given a spotlight during the deliberation of HB 307 (Establishing public schools in geographically isolated disadvantaged conflict-affected areas, and access roads leading to last mile public schools). The Solon from Makabayan, Rep. Eufemia Cullamat decried the unjust closure of the Lumad Schools.

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The representative described the school as the only source of learning that values the traditional way of learning. The committee decided to tackle this issue in a separate meeting.

The Department of Education (DEPed) presented the update on the status of its preparation for the opening of classes for School Year 2020-2021 and action plan for learners who will not be able to enroll for SY 2020-2021.

The Deped recognized the challenges of the Pandemic. As of July 25, 2020, There are 22,092.345 enrolled in private, public SUCs/LUCs- 79.5% of total enrollment.

The public schools posted 20,757,433 a 91.2% enrollment compared to 1,304,049 or 30.3% in the private schools.

There is also a modified essential learning competencies in K-12 programs. From the full k to 12 learning competencies (14,171) down to Most learning essential competencies (5,689). This is to align the existing programs in times of pandemic.

As stated in the previous meetings, The Department of Education will adapt a Blended/Distance learning modalities. The printing of digital modules, online learning, television or radio based instruction. There are reported 2,079,002 individuals that has no access to the blended/distance learning modalities.

The Deped will implement the Basic Education Learning Continuing Plan (LCP) for Schools, Division Leaders, Teachers, .

Rep. Elago of the Kabataan Partylist raised the issue of the Private Schools. According to Elago, There are possible closures of private schools probably because of the current lower rate of enrollment.

Elago stressed that in some family, It is burdensome to provide necessary equipment for blended/distance learning modalities such as laptop or cellphone. She also urge the Deped to provide data related the top-up fee for the student’s enrollment. There are reports of increases in tuition fee and miscellaneous fee.

Jamme Robles, from League of Filipino Students affirmed that there schools implementing a higher tuition fee despite the pandemic. Robles urged the Deped to provide more strict mechanism to avoid unjustifiable fees.

The Deped admitted that there are previous approval of the tuition fee increases prior to the pandemic. Rep. Roman Romulo urge the Deped to review this.

The youth solon was also alarm by the cases of online sexual abuses and several abuses simply because students wanted to comply with their school requirements.

Deped promise to respond to each and every reported cases and reassures the youth representation that they will respond to the issues that crumbling the Private Sectors.

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