National Indigenous People’s Day!

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We mark today’ National Indigenous People’s Day, as a way of expressing our Solidarity with our indigenous bothers.

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Ever since the Castillans first set foot on our shores, they have been victims of land-grabbing, discrimination, oppression and exploitation. Today, these same evils hound them, being victims to the constant harassment and killings perpetrated by state forces for the sake of profit of local and foreign capitalists.

Indigenous schools have have also been targeted by none other than the state, leading to the increasing militarization of the countryside, distrupting not only their education, but also their way of life.

The youth and the broader masses will fight united with Indigenous Peoples in their struggle for the provision of basic social services to their communities, rights as IPs, and ultimately, their right to genuine self-determination.

Defend Ancestral Lands! End the continuous and rampant militarization of the countryside! Save Lumad Schools!

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