Militant salute to Ka Randy!

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The youth gives a militant salute to Randall “Ka Randy” Echanis”, a true son of the toiling masses who championed the struggle for genuine agrarian reform and a just and lasting peace. Having been laid to rest earlier today, we will never forgive his brutal murder to the subsequent ordeal and lies perpetrated by none other than the state and its instruments.

After the peace talks were terminated by the Duterte Regime, Echanis was among the individuals proscribed in 2018; this was under the old Human Security Act of 2007 which the current Anti-Terrorism Law replaced, labelling him as a terrorist. This has resulted to peace consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines being put under constant surveillance, and subject to endless harassment and death threats. A brief recollection of the brutal night of his murder and subsequent events are as follows:

• Ka Randy was tied and tortured, stabbed multiple times, and shot
• Pao Colabres, the paralegal tracking Echanis’ remains was arrested on the grounds of “obstruction of justice”
• His remains were unjustly and forcibly taken by the Philippine National Police, conjuring excuses such as the need for a release order and the positive identification of his body, despite his wife having identified it already as his
• PNP harassing family and friends holding an ecumenical mass at the funeral parlor where he was being held and the media covering the story under the guise of MECQ protocols.

We call that justice be served to Ka Randy, and to the thousands more of innocent individuals killed under President Duterte’s bloody Regime. We call for the immediate release of Pao Colabres.

If the people behind Ka Randy’s murder think they can shock and intimidate the people to cower in fear and submission, they are greatly mistaken. As long as the peasants have no land, the workers without decent wages, and the broad masses denied of their democratic rights, the struggle would continue, and the youth will fervently take part in it. The death of Ka Randy would only serve as a spark which would ignite the people’s burning desire for genuine change and lasting peace, and it will spread like wildfire.


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