Kabataan Partylist strongly condemns signing of the Anti-Terrorism Law despite wide opposition

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The sole youth representation in Congress condemns in the strongest possible terms the passage of the unconstitutional Anti-Terrorism Law despite wide opposition and condemnation from the Filipino people, a draconian measure to be weaponized by the Duterte administration to quell dissent and opposition to his many blunders and failures in his four years of office under the guise of fighting terrorism.

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Instead of addressing the extremely urgent health and socio-economic needs of the people brought about by the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Duterte chooses to further monopolize power and signs a law which easily equates dissent and criticism with terrorism; in a time when the nation needs to be united in solidarity, Duterte, along with his military secretaries and cohorts, decides to further divide the nation, and chooses to display insensitivity and callousness as they turn deaf ears to the voices of the people.

We urgently call on our fellow Filipinos to continue to push back and denounce the Anti-Terror Law which further attacks our fundamental freedoms and democracy—that those before us fought for with blood and tears to regain and that which our generation fervently strives to protect and preserve for the next.

We call for a comprehensive, effective, human and participatory approach to COVID-19 pandemic.

Address the lack of mass testing and necessary health measures, the growing loss of jobs and livelihood! Stop the attacks on the people! Junk the Anti-Terrorism Law to where it belongs—the trash bin of history, never again to be used by despots and oppressors against the true sovereign of this nation, the Filipino people! ###


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