Kabataan Partylist on the celebration of the International Youth Day

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The sole representation of the youth extends its militant greetings of solidarity and hope to all the youth across the world, as we grapple not only with COVID-19 but also with wide varieties of issues of injustice rooted in political oppression and economic exploitation.

Historically, the youth has always vigorously participated in peoples’ struggles towards change and equality. Our own experience as a nation is a testament to this; from the likes of youth revolutionaries like Andres Bonifacio who fought for our independence, to those who dared to oppose American Colonial Rule and Japanese Imperialism. Today, our youth is engaged in the struggle of the people against imperialist powers vying for the domination and exploitation of our country, against a tyrannical and fascist regime, and against the accumulation of land and wealth of very few individuals at the expense of workers, peasants, and the general populace.

Presently, similar fights are being undertaken in different parts of the world—the fight against racially motivated injustice, the tightening grip of authoritarianism, collapse of human rights, government neglect in responding to the pandemic, to name a few. In these movements for change, equality, and democracy, the youth’s participation in them is unquestionable.

Our youthfulness allows us to be open to new ideas and provides us with the mental and physical strength to strive for genuine change, and we must use this strength to actively participate in the process for its realization. To this end, we must join the broader masses in their fight for their rights, to combine our strength with theirs, and commit our unwavering resolve to struggle with them.

To the youth of our country and the world: unite with the oppressed masses, and fight towards building a better and more sustainable future. Fight against oppression and exploitation! We must dare to struggle; we must dare to win!

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