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Kabataan Partylist calls for justice for the 14 fishermen of IRMA Fishing and Trading Inc whose ship was sunk by a Chinese-manned cargo ship last June 27.

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The Duterte Administration has had no response to this incident, showing its utter callousness and lack of sympathy for the people while putting its inability to defend the country’s sovereignty in full display.

Of course, this is wholly unsurprising. After all, this is the same incompetence that has done nothing but exacerbate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much worse, it has consistently worked against the interests of the people – the railroading of the Anti-Terror Bill stands as a testament to this. Instead of intensifying search and rescue missions for the 14 fishermen, the administration has busied itself with passing draconian measures.

We should not let this incident pass. It is time to voice out our frustrations against this administration for its abandonment of our fisherfolk. Time and time again, they have been at the receiving end of Chinese aggression and recklessness in our own national waters. The Duterte Administration has time and again failed to stand for our national sovereignty from the foreign powers.

This is a clear betrayal of public trust and the people can never accept this. It is high time to uphold the nationalism and patriotism our national heroes have left for us to inherit. Now is the time to take a stand against foreign aggression. Now is the time to uphold our sovereign rights.

We call for the resumption of the PCG’s search and rescue operations for the 14 fishermen whose remains have yet to be seen. Additionally, Kabataan Party-list will urgently file a House Resolution on the matter.

We call on the Duterte Administration to heed the immediate welfare of the people, especially our fisherfolk in these troubling times under a pandemic.###


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