Justice for Fabel Pineda!

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Fabel Pineda

Stop the Killings!
Justice for Fabel Pineda!

Kabataan Partylist strongly condemns the rape and murder of 15-year old Fabel committed by two police officers in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. This killing is a manifestation of the culture of impunity imbued in the police force and further empowered under the Duterte Administration. This act of abuse of authority shows how little state forces value the lives of the people.

This rape and murder is an act so vile, that it ultimately brings distate to our communities. And the fact that said acts were done by members of the police force goes to show that said institution cannot be simply entrusted with keeping peace and order in the country.

State forces have been actively attacking the people. From members of the PNP actively tagging activist organizations as terrorists to perpetrating crimes against the very persons they vow to protect, the institution as a whole must be held accountable for these evil acts.

Now that the terror law has been signed, the defenders of the law continue to convince the public that the law will not be abused by the regime and by the law enforcement agencies. But these statements are nothing but lies. We have seen how Oplan Tokhang, the supposed war against drugs, killed our fellow youth, and even children. We have seen the Marawi Siege and the Martial Law in Mindanao attack the basic freedoms of our Muslim and Lumad brothers and sisters.

The youth has had enough! We intensify our call to stop the killings and stop the state fascism against the Filipino people. We seek justice for Fabel Pineda and all the victims of state fascism.



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