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Committee on Energy headed by Rep. Allan Velasco and Committee Trade and Industry Vice Chairman Rep. Bong Suntay approved a Technical Working Group for HBs 302 & 5642 An Act establishing the regulatory framework for the safe operations of the LPG industry, delineating the powers and functions of various government agencies, defining and penalizing certain acts authored by Rep. Victor Yap and LPGMA Rep. Allan Ty.

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The said proposal will create a regulator framework for the LPG industry. It will establish a monitoring and supervisory framework aiming to enhance existing practices and standards.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the most commonly use fuel commodity at Home The law aims to improve safety since there are around 12 million dilapidated and unsafe LPG of about 18-22 million cylinders.

It also will control abuses in the industry.

The Department of Interior and Local Government Usec RJ Echiverri affirmed the support to the bill while Former LPGMA Rep. Arnel Ty lauded the said measure as a “Protection to the consumers and the power of to refund”.

Rep. Dagooc wanted to include a “Clause” detailing responsibility of the major players of the industry. There are 6 major players that includes Petron.

Rep. Ebcas suggested a “Controlling Price” by the government but there is already a existing “Deregulation Practice” that the government has the power to monitor prices, not to dictate them.

There is a existing Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against unbundling price for the LPG.

The said proposal is overdue. It has been started a way back from 15th congress. Rep. Albano motion that there is already a enough deliberation on the said measure.

The committee approved a Technical Working Group.

The Technical Working Group (TWG) will be headed by Rep. Victor Yap and Rep. Allan Ty.

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