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HB 3472 An act Promoting the rights of deserted or abandoned children with unknown parents, declaring their status as natural-born citizens of the Philippines and providing penalties against acts inimical to their welfare authored by Rep. Ronnie Ong was approve subject to style and amendments by the Committee.

This will further strengthen the rights of the foundling who do not enjoy the same rights of Filipino Citizen such as the right to run for a public office. It must also be noted that there are existing Supreme Court ruling about the case of Grace Poe but this house bill made an inclusion including that all Foundling shall be automatically considered as “Natural Born- Filipino” therefore shall enjoy rights as stipulated in the constitution. There must be a issuance of certification by the DSWD after a diligent inquiry into the parentage of the child.

Rep. Romualdez raised the issue about the foundling in case it happen abroad. The Department of Foreign Affairs commented that there must be a proof that one of the parents are of Natural Born Filipino Citizen before the consideration happened.

An Substitute Bill to HBs 2282, 2349, 5581, 6153, 6160, 6221, 6258, 6265, 6267, 6289, 6304, 6488, 6544 & 6681 – Codifying the alternative child care laws and providing funds therefor. Rep. Alba called for the creation of Technical Working Group. The motion was approved.

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